WERA - HF SYSTEM NODE in the northern sector of the Adriatic Sea

Sea surface current in near-real-time

OGS is responsible for the upgrade, installation and maintenance of the HF radar node in the northern sector of the Adriatic Sea, and for data validation, data archiving, and dissemination to end users through OGS web pages and database services. Activities are carried out in collaboration with the Slovenian partners of the National Institute of Biology (NIB) - Marine Biology Station Piran
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The problem

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the busiest area in the world in terms of the maritime traffic. Even if it covers only 0.7% of the total sea surface in the world, it hosts 30% of the overall international traffic.
Sea pollution by oil, hazardous & noxious substances can happen at any time and any place, especially along the main maritime routes, and loading and unloading terminals, where the likelihood of marine environment pollution is the highest. [continue...]

HAZADR project

Main objectives of the HAZADR projects are: Upgrade the knowledge framework on the estimated environmental and socio-economic risks in the most vulnerable Adriatic areas due to natural and human-induced factors. Support decision-making process in preventing, reacting and overcoming emergencies (also for the benefit of countries not directly involved in the project but treated by oil spillage contamination in case of shipwrecks or collisions). [continue...]


The HF radar infrastructure in the Gulf of Trieste provides high-resolution maps of current, waves and winds for the HAZADR project. It constitutes the observing node for the north Adriatic region, as part of a wider Adriatic observing network that comprises a second observing node in the Split region, and is also part of a great number of HF radar networks being developed world wide for coastal ocean monitoring.

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